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CEIMEXCAN 2020 Call for Submissions - 15th National Conference of the Confederation of Mexican Graduate Students and Researchers in Canada (CEIMEXCAN)


Call for Submissions

15th National Conference of the Confederation of Mexican Graduate
Students and Researchers in Canada (CEIMEXCAN)
CEIMEXCAN 2020: Mexican Footprints in Canada and their Fruits

October 23rd – 25th, 2020
University of Ottawa (Host server) Virtual venue
75 Laurier Ave E, Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5, Canada


The Confederation of Mexican Graduate Students and Researchers in Canada (CEIMEXCAN, acronym in Spanish) cordially invites you to its 15th National Conference that will be held October 23rd – 25th, 2020 at the University of Ottawa, (virtual sessions).

CEIMEXCAN is a registered a non-profit organization with representatives across Canada. The impressive network of novel and advanced research conducted by its members and collaborators in diverse areas of knowledge has built what nowadays is considered as the most important independent Latin American academic (science and technology) think tank in Canada.

The main objectives of this Conference are to:

·         Give recognition to the work accomplished by graduate students of Mexican origin in any discipline, as well as to the investigation conducted (in progress or finished) by researchers from diverse nationalities who are interested in subjects related to Mexico; and
·         Provide participants with an environment to network and foster Mexico-Canada relations within different academic fields.

The overall topic for 2020 the year is 15 Years of Achievements: Contributions by Mexicans to the Canadian society in the following fields:

a)    Advances and exchange in science and technology.
b)    Culture, art, and ethnic expressions in Mexico and Canada.
c)    Climate change, environment, and sustainable development.
d)    Mexico-Canada, economy, and trade.
e)    Mexico-Canada, education relations.
f)     Mexico-Canada, international relations, and affairs; and
g)    Mexico-Canada, politics, and society.

Participation formats
§  Poster exhibition (can be shared during the presentation, virtual posters)
³  You are welcome to submit a new poster or one from a recent conference.
§  Round tables
³  Round tables will be composed of a maximum of four participants, each of which will give a 10 minutes presentation. Following the presentations, there will be 20 minutes for questions and discussion between the round table participants and the audience.
§  Platform presentation (virtual live, or pre-recorded)
³  Presentations will last 15 minutes with 5 minutes for questions.

*         The languages of the conference are Spanish, English and French.
*         Presentations should be able to communicate the complexity of their research to a wide non-specialized audience.
*         Abstracts should be redacted in English with information able to be shared with the public, since this information will be posted online.
*         Due to the increasing participation in recent conferences we encourage early submissions.

Eligibility for presentations and posters

1.    Graduate students or researchers in Canada who were born in Mexico or whose parents are of Mexican origin. All fields of research are welcome.
2.    Graduate students or researchers of other nationalities who are currently working in a Canadian institution on a topic related to Mexico and that falls within this year’s conference topic.
3.    Individuals from any nationality who are currently working or have worked in the past 24 months (volunteer or paid), in organizations related to Mexico or heavily influenced by Mexicans.
4.    The organizers encourage the participation of all those interested. All proposals are welcome and will be included in the program. If special observations or recommendations are needed to improve the quality of the work, they will be sent to the applicants as soon as possible after their submission.

University of Ottawa (virtual sessions)
75 Laurier Ave E, Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5, Canada

Schedule 2020
Sessions (Eastern time):
Friday, October 23rd (4:00pm – 8:00pm)
Saturday, October 24th (10:00am – 5:00pm)
Sunday, October 25th (9:00am – 12:00pm)

Note: For changes to the agenda please visit frequently

o   Attendance to the conference is open to the public and there is no registration or submission fee; nevertheless, a donation of $25 (students), $50 (professionals), or $100 (enterprises) is recommended.
o   Participants are expected to have their own equipment in order to connect to the event.
o   Receipts will be available for tax purposes.

Submission process – Important dates

Phase I: Deadline for abstracts (July 31st, 2020)
Please send your 250-word abstract by e-mail (, with the title and author(s) name(s). This will allow the committee to define the different areas to be covered, and to help authors apply for travel grants, and/or to request assistance for their accommodation.

Phase II: Deadline to submit your work (September 11th, 2020)
Please send your personal information and a full manuscript of your work by e-mail ( The body of this document must be between 4 to 10 pages long (approximately 1000-2500 words, double spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font size). The manuscript can have a maximum of 14 pages including charts, bibliography, images, etc. and it should be sent in a single WORD or PDF file named as follows: “YourName–ContributionTitle.doc” (.tex or .pdf).

NOTE: During CEIMEXCAN 2020, the presentations will be delivered virtually (Zoom/or Microsoft Teams platform). It is recommended that you send (and share) your presentation during your participation. You can also participate sending a recorded presentation, voice, and graphics (and/or slides), in a PPT format and uploaded on a video format to a hosting platform.

Manuscripts must be in Spanish or English.

1. Personal information required:
- Title of the contribution
- Field of work (specialty)
- Author(s) name(s)
- Institution(s)
- Address and e-mail of main author
- Desired participation format
- Personal biography (200 words max.)
- LinkedIn contact
2. Manuscript Format:
- Title of contribution
- Abstract (maximum 250 words)
- Manuscript (12pt font, double spacing, maximum 14 pages including abstract, figures and references)

Proceedings and materials
Papers/projects (with permission from their authors), images of the conference and some notes from its discussions will be uploaded to CEIMEXCAN’s webpage. The aim is to promote the authors’ researches and work among different institutions and companies. If authors decline this option, they are free to publish their research in the journal of their choice.

Organizing institutions
ü  Confederación de Estudiantes de posgrado e Investigadores Mexicanos en Canadá (CEIMEXCAN) / (in English: Confederation of Mexican Graduate Students & Researchers in Canada)
ü  University of Ottawa
ü  Embassy of Mexico in Canada

Board of Directors CEIMEXCAN 2019-2021

  • Dr. Gerardo Barajas-Garrido, President (CEIMEXCAN)
  • Dr. José M. Ramirez Olivo, Vice-president, (Canadian Space Agency)
  • Dr. Francisco Ucán-Marín, Public and International Relations (CEIMEXCAN)
  • Dr. Leonardo Cabrera, Secretary (Parks Canada; RGMX – Leamington Chapter)
  • M.A. Arturo Segura, Webmaster (University of Ottawa)
  • M.E. Orlando Iturbe, Treasurer (RGMX – Ottawa Chapter)
Organizing Committee CEIMEXCAN 2020

  • Dr. Felipe Quintanilla (Western University)
  • Dr. Francisco Díaz-Mitoma (RGMX – Ottawa Chapter)
  • Dr. Juan C. Pérez-Casanova (RGMX – Maritimes Region Chapter)
  • Dr. Marco A. Belmont, (Toronto Public Health)
  • Dr. Mariana Esponda (Carleton University)
  • Dr. María Aurora Mejía Benitez, (McMaster University)
Volunteers CEIMEXCAN 2020

  • Dr. Abraham Gómez Vidales (CEIMEXCAN – Quebec)
  • Dr. Adriana Del Palacio (CEIMEXCAN – Europe)
  • Dr. Miguel Angel Aviles Galan (CEIMEXCAN – British Columbia)
  • Dr. Pablo Díaz Gómez Maqueo (CEIMEXCAN – Ontario)
  • Dr. Carmina Angelica Pérez Romero (CEIMEXCAN – Ontario)
  • M.A. Carlos Peralta (Autonomous Chapingo University, Faculty)
  • B.A. Erick Estrada (CEIMEXCAN – Alberta; Canadian Mental Health Association)
  • Fabiola Itaye Belmont Martínez (CEIMEXCAN, Toronto)

Partners and Sponsors
v  Consulate of Mexico in Ottawa ON, Canada
v  Embassy of Mexico in Canada
v  Institute of Mexicans Abroad (IME, acronym in Spanish)
v  University of Ottawa
v  Aquaponika Ltd.
v  UNAM Canada

o   Logo: Dr. Francisco Ucán-Marín
o   Poster: Dr. Francisco Ucán-Marín

Would you like to volunteer in the organization of the conference?
Your help is essential to the success of the conference. You can help either by sending this call for papers to students across Canada, helping with the edition of the digital proceedings, organizing/providing transportation to the conference, hosting a student for one or two nights, helping to maintain the website, setting up and coordinating a videoconference link, or in any other way you consider pertinent. Send us an electronic mail and join the team!

Should you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Confederation of Mexican Graduate Students and Researchers in Canada:

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Inventario de Profesores e Investigadores Mexicanos en Canadá

Inventario de Profesores e Investigadores Mexicanos en Canadá
  1. ·         Ser mexicano por nacimiento o por naturalización, residiendo en Canadá
  2. ·         En caso de ser temporal, favor de especificar el programa y las fechas de inicio y fin de trabajo (residencias sabáticas, estancias de investigación, etc).
  3. ·         Realizar investigación o promoción de investigación en cualquiera de las áreas del conocimiento, de modo de base en alguna institución, o de modo independiente, ya sean de tiempo completo o de modo parcial (ejemplo: Profesores o investigadores adjuntos).
  4. ·         Estar de acuerdo que su perfil de ser mencionado con un enlace a su perfil de Linkedin o de Researchgate. No se aceptará enlaces de Facebook, Twitter o Instagram.
  5. ·         Esta visibilidad busca enlazar, y promover casos para que sus contrapartes en México estén libres de ver sus trabajos, experiencia y contactarlos para posibles proyectos.

Favor de enviar la siguiente información:
  1. ·         Nombre completo y el nombre de la institución (o instituciones) asociadas, o si es independiente
  2. ·         Edad promedio, favor de escoger una de las tres opciones (ejemplo, entre 20-40, 40-60, 60+)
  3. ·         (opcional) Mencionar si es ciudadano, residente permanente o temporal, visitante, estudiante
  4. ·         Describir en 10 líneas máximo una breve biografía
  5. ·         Describir en 10 líneas máximo el área de especialidad, y/o las áreas que le gustaría explorar
  6. ·         Describir en 5 líneas máximo el interés que tenga de colaborar con México.

Enviar esta información al correo
“Inventario de Profesores e Investigadores Mexicanos en Canadá” 

Como conectarse a la reunión el día viernes 8 de noviembre, 2019 de 5 pm ET – 6 pm ET (duración de 60 min) :
Meeting number (access code): 737 544 307
Meeting password: PmcnGCjq